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Forklift Health & Safety

As an Armill customer you will be kept up to date with new health and safety legislations and requirements for your forklift truck. We can issue daily check books to ensure your operators are accountable to the safe working condition of your forklift, safety decal set to illustrate danger areas on your forklift and checks that must be carried out.

In addition to flashing beacons, work lights and reverse alarms, Armill are always looking at new products and aim to stay in front of new requirements before they become mandatory and costly.

Pedestrian zones around forklifts are becoming a hot topic, with forklifts operating inside, where potential pedestrian collision could occur. Armill has developed the Armill Safe Zone Kit which projects a blue beam spotlight to the rear of the truck onto the ground and a red line either side of the truck creating an area of exclusion for pedestrians and a visual warning.

To find out more about our offers or arrange a demo of the Armill Safe Zone, please contact us.